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You have a zone of genius.

You have a message that your ideal client needs.

You need to be spending your time connecting with your clients.

But you can’t, because you’re stuck in the black hole of technology.

Are you ready to hand over the creation of your funnels? The set up of your email service provider and sign-up forms?  

I’m here to help.

Choose your own adventure.

Let’s be real, passive income and automation doesn’t mean your business is running on its own.

Can you imagine spending your time creating courses, challenges, and content, and knowing that the marketing and technology behind bringing your dreams to life is being handled? 

When you’re ready to launch your next offer, let’s talk. Technology and marketing are my jam.

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What Your OBM Should Be Asking You

What Your OBM Should Be Asking You

Alright, so you’ve done all the things you’re supposed to do - you’ve hired a VA, you have someone helping you with your social media accounts, you know how you want to be making money - but your business isn’t growing quite as quickly as you want it to.    Maybe...

What’s the difference between a VA and an OBM?

What’s the difference between a VA and an OBM?

As your business grows, you will quickly learn that you need some support to maintain and grow your business. Your first thought may be to hire a VA (virtual assistant), but then you hear the title OBM (online business manager) floating around the internet and you...

Why Lead Generation Isn’t Enough

Why Lead Generation Isn’t Enough

More leads mean more customers which means more sales, right? Well, maybe. Consider this: no matter how many leads your business gets, the leads still need to be nurtured and they still need to be closed. But how? Intentional email marketing.   Why do you need to...