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  • My name is Suzanna and I’m a wife, mama, and technology wizard.  


  • Taking tools and systems and making them play nicely together gets me excited. 


  • I’ve worked with 2-Comma Club members, learned marketing from members of Russell Brunson’s Inner Circle, and learned funnel design from a Top3o ClickFunnels designer. 


  • I’ve helped my clients get hundreds of warm leads for less than $2.00 per lead. 


  • Launches and list building are my jam, so let’s chat about how I can help you get sales and leads to explode your business.

You can reach me at

Working with Suzanna is a pleasure. She’s helped with hooking up backend systems, Facebook ads, and social media scheduling, which were all new to me as a online business owner. Suzanna helped me prioritize and tackle a long to-do list of administrative needs. She brings a positive, optimistic attitude to all her services, and is always open to brainstorming more efficient ways to get the job done. Suzanna is helpful behind the scenes and also supportive and professional with clients and my social media community. She is super techy smart, and genuinely a nice and considerate person to have on a team.

Kelli Saginak,