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Alright, so you’ve done all the things you’re supposed to do – you’ve hired a VA, you have someone helping you with your social media accounts, you know how you want to be making money – but your business isn’t growing quite as quickly as you want it to. 


Maybe the problem is you. You have too many things on your plate for you to focus on the business-growing tasks. 


So what do you do next? How can you get those pesky tasks that need to be done (just not done BY YOU) off of your plate? 


If it’s time to bring on an online business manager or project manager to help you with your business, there are a few questions that the people you are interviewing for that role should be asking to set themselves (and you!) up for a successful working relationship. 


What are your 90-day goals? 


Having a vision of where you want your business to be will enable your OBM to help guide you on what you need to be focusing on. Knowing the big picture plan will enable your OBM to gently redirect your focus if you have a new idea or an opportunity presents itself that doesn’t quite align with your goals. Keeping your vision front and center will allow you and your OBM to say “not right now” to things that come across your desk that don’t quite fit. 


What is the focus for the next 30 days? 


Once you and your OBM know the big-picture vision for the next 90 days, the next question should be: what is the focus for the next 30 days? Your OBM/PM will be able to assist you in not only handling the tasks for the next 30 days, but will also be able to make sure what you’re doing is ultimately going to help you achieve your 90-day goals.


Are there any fires that need to be addressed immediately? 


Whether your new OBM/PM is replacing an old team member or this is the first time for you to be adding this role to your team, your OBM/PM will need to know if there are any immediate issues that need to be addressed. Are there tech problems or customer service issues that keep coming up? What kind of troubleshooting will need to be handled immediately? 


Where have the holes been in your business thus far? 


Your OBM should have a grasp on the tasks that have been going undone for too long. They will need to know what issues have been coming up repeatedly, and what new things you’d really like to be doing in your business that you just have not had time for. 


If you were only doing what you WANTED to do you in your business, what would you be doing? 


You’ve been doing it all for so long, that you may have to think about this for a few minutes, but it’s an important question. Do you want to be creating content? If so, do you want to be writing, recording a podcast, creating videos, or something else? Would you rather be networking and building your community? 


If you know that the behind-the-scenes issues are being handled, what would you do day in and day out? 


Let your OBM know and he or she can help you set up the systems that will allow you to do just want you WANT to be doing in your business. 


BONUS: What is your love language? 


This isn’t a vital question, necessarily, but think about it, if you’re a person whose love language is words of affirmation, wouldn’t it be beneficial for your OBM to know that? Or if you prefer gifts or acts of service, this kind of information can be invaluable to your OBM.